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Glorious God Prophetic Ministries

A Five-Fold Ministry, Ephesians 4:11-13

FREE Printable Ministry Tools

This page is dedicated to building the Kingdom of God through evangelism, prayer, spiritual warfare, and any other way possible. Please feel free to print every tool that you deem useful to you, your church or ministry. Let's expand the Kingdom of God for Christ! God bless.

THE MIRACLE OF REPENTANCE - evangelism brochure. This is a double-sided brochure that gives one an in-depth understanding of Creation; satan; the Fall of Man; Atonement through the blood of Jesus; What Repentance is & Why We Must Repent; And Who Jesus Christ is and Why He Died for Us. This brochure allows you to add your name and your ministry contact information. You can hand-write the information, use a label, or type it on the original and then print double-sided brochure copies.

CALENDARS OF cults, witches, AND satanic GROUPS

THE satanic AND witch CALENDAR - This is a calendar of festivals and sacrificial human and animal rituals of those who practice satanism and witchcraft. RITUAL CALENDAR OF VARIOUS GROUPS - This is a calendar of dates and practices or observations of satanists, Nazis, and Polytheists. These calendars were created in order for the body of Christ to have knowledge of and to strategically war in intercession against satan and his agents; and to also intercede for salvation, deliverance, healing, and restoration of the kidnapped and also the perpetrator(s). Please print out all calendars and use them consistently.