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Glorious God Prophetic Ministries

A Five-Fold Ministry, Ephesians 4:11-13

Notes From The Lord God are notes to the body of Christ from the Lord, to encourage or to provide you with beneficial information for your life.


"witches & warlocks" - There are PORTALS (entry-ways) in which a witch/warlock can enter & cause havoc in a persons life. Two the Lord discussed with Chief Apostle Karen today are through mirrors and by "identification." Testimony of a believer in Christ: He was asleep & his spirit seperated from his body, he arose from bed & walked into & through his large mirror in his bathroom. Through this mirror was another "place". He was in a room filled with books like a library in someone's home. He walked around the room & then went back through his large mirror into his bathroom. Another day as he slept, the Lord God gave him a closed vision & in this vision-through his mirror he saw a man dressed in a Nazi uniform & next to him was a young male child. They were watching this man of God through his mirror. (This man of God's large bathroom mirror was right on the other end of his room directly in front of his bed.) Periodically this man of God would feel hands around his neck attempting to strangle him. He sought God, bound & rebuked, cast away but this would return after a few days. The beings were not always demons or fallen angels, at times this was a person-a warlock per the Lord. "Identification"-This man of God was an ex-gang banger, now saved & filled with the Holy Spirit & living a Christian life. But, he still had affiliation with those who were still in this gang. He said that he would minister to them, but he found it very difficult to rid them as "friends/family" from his life. They would phone him, & come over his house. He didn't participate in the gang life any longer, but felt them to still be a part of his "family."-soul ties. A Nazi is a person of hatred, violence, & murder. Gang members are of the same spirit regardless of the race of the gang member. Nazi's are gang members. Through this identification, the Lord told me that witches & warlocks enter in through this way also. Through witchcraft, their spirit can come into your home through mirrors & watch you while standing in your home; attempt to physically &/or sexually assault you &/or your family. Jesus Christ, "They identify with the spirit of others." He also said, "Sin opens the doors daughter." You can plead the blood of Jesus Christ & bind & rebuke until His return, but if all evil affiliations aren't eradicated & eradicated from the HEART a witch/warlock can come & go because of sin &/or identification.


"Portals" - Portals are defined as: Door, entrance-a grand or imposing one; the whole architectural composition surrounding & including the doorways & porches of a church; the approach or entrance to a bridge or tunnel; a communicating part or area of an organism, specifically the point at which something (as a pathogen) enters the body; a site serving as a guide or point of entry to the world wide web & usually including a search engine or a collection of links to other sites arranged especially by topic.

During my time with the Lord Jesus Christ, He wanted me to tell this to His body:

Tonight just before the Lord had me to type this into my website, I was going through "daily self-deliverance" & worship in my home. Suddenly, in the spirit, the Lord took me to someone else's home (someone I know very well) & I was glorifying Him. As I was praising God while walking across a certain area on their floor I felt an uneasiness within me. That certain spot around that area on their floor wasn't right...that's when the Lord spoke.

Jesus Christ-"There's portals in every home daughter, every home that is not holy. It takes Me to tell you if you are holy. Watch your activities, who you let into your home-this also creates portals." I responded-"Well Lord what about inviting others into your home who are doing work in the home (like plumbers, repairmen, etc). The Lords reply-"Just live holy, I will protect you."

This home the Lord took me to in the spirit had satanic portals. Invisible entryways for demons & fallen angels to come & go as they pleased.

Years ago God gave me a vision of an old 2 story home perched on top of a cliff over-looking the ocean. Inside that home were beings who were able to go in & out through that home. That home was a portal for demonic/satanic beings. In that vision, I was dressed in white & had been worshipping God on that cliff-side. I saw one of the man-like beings inside the home through a curtained-window. The Lord let me know about that home & others being entry & exit ways for satanic/demonic beings.

Body of Christ- We must live a holy life. Making holiness our nature, our lifestyle-not only is it required by God & is pleasing to Him but with it comes spiritual benefits we cannot imagine. One benefit is a high level of safety, protection & defense from God. Many "Christians" believe they are living holy which in fact many aren't. The Lord told me to tell you that it takes Him to tell you that your life is holy. "Do not be deceived." Deception not only comes from others but from within ourselves.

The Lord then told me to teach on "Holiness".


Portals created due to ungodly pastors

As I was reviewing and updating this website, the Lord spoke and said, "Churches have portals too daughter...and they claim to be My church."

The Lord isn't speaking about "wolves in sheeps clothing," He's speaking about the church that claims to be holy, loving, caring but is still reeked in sin: jealousy, envy, haughtiness, pride, cruelty, thievery, adultery, lust, perversions, anger, unforgiveness, etc...and He's speaking about the pastors in particular. Portals are easily created in a church because of a pastors ungodly character.