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Glorious God Prophetic Ministries

A Five-Fold Ministry, Ephesians 4:11-13

"Refreshing Waters" - Ministering to God's Pastor

Refreshing Waters is a ministry of restoration, refreshing, exaltation, and impartation to those called by God to the office of Apostle or Pastor.

Many times our call gets heavy and we often need dynamic ministry in our own lives- ministry that puts forth real change, real deliverance, and real healing.

Many Pastors often feel burdened or over-whelmed...the Lord God wants to release that stress and tension from you and give you great restoration and refreshing. Just handling the day-to-day life circumstances and raising up a body of believers will have us in need of soothing ministry. Moves of God that will minister to us and keep us peacefully pressing in the things of God and in our personal lives.

The website for "Refreshing Waters" is currently being built and there will be a link on this website that will direct you to it.

Pastor, I pray your healing and wholeness, in Jesus' name.

Chief Apostle Karen