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Glorious God Prophetic Ministries

A Five-Fold Ministry, Ephesians 4:11-13


About "The devil, demons, and Deliverance Workshops"

10/2010 "What impacted me is there is more to the supernatural realm than we know...the gods, the different root problems."

Minister Wendy Hubbard

11/2010 "The devil, demons, and Deliverance Workshops-"The Beginning", called me to look at the spiritual realm in a different magnitude and it enlightened my eyes towards God and His awesomeness. Part of the teaching that opened my eyes is to know that angels are still falling away from God, but that God said He's still creating."

Evangelist and Deliverance Minister, Khalilah Frazier

3/2011"The teaching was dynamic! I learned more about things in the spirit that I didn't know about...taught me more about deliverance. It was an eye-opener to the supernatural realm. It enlightened me to my purpose and destiny too."

Deliverance Minister, Eric Wright

3/2011 "We got the weapons to fight the enemy. I learned things I didn't know. I gained more knowledge of what I'm up against."

Deliverance Minister, Kevin Kirby

3/2011 "The workshop taught me a lot of stuff I didn't know. I learned scriptures to fight the enemy, I learned how to apply what I learned to my life."

Minister Carla Kirby

3/2011 "A lot of things I didn't know was revealed to me, opening my eyes to what's in the natural and how my actions can effect God's kingdom and the satanic kingdom. Also, I learned more about the hierarchy of satan's kingdom."

Prophetess and Deliverance Minister, Jacqueline Alford